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The Wachowskis

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Futaba Aoi from You're Under Arrest! Episode 6 explicitly mentions "transsexual". The Transvvestite of Revolution is a two volume manga series lanx an intersex but genetically female high school boy who elects under pressure from his family to become a girl because he sees it as a choice between being an 'incomplete man' or a 'complete woman'. He quickly finds that letting go of his old male identity isn't going to be easy or simple. You'd never know if it weren't for Word of God statements and a blink-and-you-will-miss-it line Waai her sister. Pet Shop of Horrors: One of the stories has Leon investigating the murder of who turned out to be a transgender man with a beautiful female alternate persona, who kept rooms of aquariums of transgender fish and a virtual pet of a beautiful female fish.

She was killed by the bartender who had a crush on her when he found out. In the Tokyo version, Count D and a friend visit a club for transvestites and trans women, all of whom are portrayed very sympathetically. Count D is apparently on good terms with some of them and has tea with the group on a regular basis. Tokyo has a rather tragic inversion, with a beautiful female model who was once a homosexual man. The sex change was done not because of gender identity but out of the mistaken belief that the guy he was in love with was straight and made himself the beautiful woman he felt his crush wanted and deserved. The crush, as it turns out, was a deeply-closeted homosexual and found the model's female body upsetting.

The trans bartender comments that all the pain would have been avoided if the two had been able to be honest about their orientations. Strange Mansion features a Stalker with a Crush Wak moves into the title apartment to be near her bishounen classmate. She discovers that her crush became a woman to be traansvestite her love interest he was a bit disappointed that his first declaration of love came from a man but handled it calmlywhich causes a Heroic BSoD. Of course, her wealthy conservative parents know nothing. The main character from Ai no ShintairikuNikotama Sara, is a trans girl high schooler who falls for a boy at her new school.

A little known manga titled Gender Identity Disorder follows the life of a trans man. It begins with his childhood telling his father he wants Santa to give him a penis for Christmasand ends with him transitioned and leading a successful life, reconciling with his father before he dies. Arisugawa "Alice" Kintarou from Maria-sama ga Miteru hates her masculine name and wishes she could have gone to an all-girls school instead of an all-boys school.

It's best to thread VERY carefully around it. Yoshiki Kitazawa from the manga Gravitation is an trans woman. In the first series, she's only had hormones to encourage breast growth but her lower half is still physically male. In the sequel, EX, she finishes her surgery on her lower half as well, like she's wanted to since she was as stated in the fanbook. Dream Saga is pre-operative in Nakatsukuni, and post-operative Wai lana transvestite Takamagahara. She takes full advantage of her female form, attempting to become the perfect girlfriend that she could never be in Nakatsukuni because of societal expectations One episode of Dirty Pair featured a wealthy business owner framing his son's fiance for kidnapping when really they were trying to elope.

It's eventually revealed that the reason he objects to their marriage is because the fiance is AMAB and had a sex change. After a moment of surprise, Kei and Yuri respond: Notably, she is the only person outside of Masaki's friends and family who can tell she's a girl at first Wai lana transvestite. After much tribulation, the alien princess who's in love with him gives him a really high-tech sex reassignment. Mitsuko, the main characters' sidekick in Leviathan, is a trans woman, and while her characterization in itself is fine, her friends take every opportunity to point out that she's not a real woman and use mildly offensive terms to refer to her.

And this is all supposed to be played for laughs. He lived as a boy all of his childhood, to the point where his best friend didn't know his sex, but has to wear a female school uniform as he's entering middle school. Genkaku Picasso has Yosuke Hishidawho is explicitly described as suffering from Gender identity disorder. She puts on a good show of acting like a normal boy, so this causes some problems when [[spoiler: She's almost driven to suicide, but when Sugiura saves her and offers to listen to her troubles, Picasso who has been inside the sketch of her heart rallies the class to go to where she is and listen to her.

When they do, they apologize for how they treated her and rally to let her wear the girls' uniform. The protagonist of After School Nightmare is an intersex boy. The first page in the manga has him averting No Periods, Periodmuch to his discomfort. She later identifies as a female, but then it turns out she was never actually an intersex person at all, but was actually two people. She very explicitly states that she doesn't identify as a man or almost does before she cuts herself offbut everyone else seems to think of her as a crossdresser of some nature or another.

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