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That flare is also, of course. No way are we ended to become pregnant.

In fact, many Arab men, particularly Ssx with little contact with the west, arans this fantasy of western women that comes straight out of Playboy magazine or the grainy images of pirate pornos. In this view, western women are oversexed, promiscuous and have revolving doors in their knickers. This can lead to hassle and harassment for western arabx travelling or living in Egypt and some other Arab countries, although in places like Yemen men will either just stare or the western woman will become invisible like the local women, as afabs wife found while travelling alone through the country.

Of course, given the potent mix of sexual repression, poverty, ignorance, the growing disappearance of the traditional model of respect for women and the failure to replace it with a modern equivalent, you don't have to be western to be harassed on the streets. Some men will hit on western women out of the conviction Ahmed described, while others who understand the west better will do so out of simple opportunism, hoping that they will "get lucky" with a woman from a society where sex does not carry the same heavy restriction for her as it does for her Arab sisters.

In fact, some men want the best of both worlds: Another form of opportunism is the allure of escape. It sometimes seems to spell freedom," observes Angela, a Jerusalem-based acquaintance. Taboos around sex are a huge obstacle to rising to the challenge of the epidemic. There is also the issue of same-sex relations in the Arab world. Of course, these are alive and well. Roughly two to three per cent of the population engages in same-sex activity. But you do see movement. Inno woman would speak out about sexual harassment or being raped. Fast forward toand you find women in Egypt speaking out about their experiences. Sex is one part of that.

A lot of arguments have been hijacked by Islamic conservatives. People have become incredibly conservative, not just Muslim but also Christian and Jewish conservatives. They wrap sex up in religion and use it as a tool of control. This creates a whole climate where everything is haram forbiddenayb shameful. We have a long history as Arabs of being very open on sexual matters within the context of Islam.

Violence, unprotected sex and sexually transmitted diseases are standard ingredients of their stories. An example of the absurd lengths to which the Arab obsession with virginity can go. So how do you reconcile the reality of the bedroom with outward appearance? This is a highly emotive issue. We should not only turn to the past for solutions, but Muslim culture since the beginning did have some healthy approaches to sex.

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We know some things are halal and others are haram, but in between, there are 50 shades of grey, and more. At times, people have gravitated towards a pragmatic approach towards sex. Why does this happen? Do we seriously need to? I, for one, think so.

Take abortion, for example. In most Arab countries, it is illegal. But in Algeria, it is not. So you are an optimist. The Arab world is not a hopeless place. That change will not be a revolution. It will take decades.

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Many people in the West think this impossible, but they forget that their own sexual revolution was no helicopter that simply lifted off wrabs taboo land and flew to the realm of sexual freedom. In the West as well, the sexual revolution was a giant Hercules transport plane that was able to take off thanks to a long runway. That runway represents hundreds of years of political, economic and social changes.

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