Mesh bottom chair

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6 Common Problems With Mesh Office Chairs

Tight are many different age limits on the category but most of them have very uninhibited looks with a very dangerous color selection. Haut mesh will be even more likely to clean.

This is another hazard for a mesh chair in an industrial environment. Mesh seats are not built to withstand chaor constant wear and tear of a round-the-clock application and are also not comfortable for hours shifts due to the challenges mentioned above. Suggestion We recommend that mesh chairs be limited to applications like offices, schools and conference rooms.

Mesh chairs fit better in these areas because the user is often sitting in the chair for a couple hours at a time and the environment will not be destructive to the chair. If a designer has a customer that is insisting on mesh seating, then we recommend brands like Neutral Posture and Nightingale because of the fabric selection available on the seat. This will allow for some customizability. Mesh creates a cooler office environment The biggest selling point for mesh office chairs is always the breathability. Airflow and keeping you cool is touted as the biggest positive by almost every mesh chair manufacturer. This selling point is only a positive for limited applications and users.

If you live in a place like Florida or Arizona and your office has the windows open, then the breathability of mesh seems like the only way to go.

Chair Mesh bottom

For someone living in a cooler climate like Minneapolis or in a work area that has the air conditioning on high, bothom the breathability of mesh seems like a moot point and can be a Meah. Studies have shown that women feel cooler on average compared to their male counterparts. Mesh chairs only exacerbate this problem and will often cause women to be uncomfortable due to being too cold. Suggestion We do not recommend purchasing mesh chairs solely due to their ability to keep the user cool unless the environment is abnormally warm compared to a typical office. Frame can be uncomfortable Since most mesh chairs are designed with little to no padding, the frame can often become more pronounced to the user.

On a padded office chair upholstered in leather or fabric, the user will not come into contact with the chair frame because the foam padding will spill over the frame making for an even sit over the whole seat. Another problem that may occur is reduced blood flow to the lower legs due to the front of the chair seat frame cutting off circulation. Some chair models do a better job than others to help alleviate this problem. A waterfall seat shape is a design that has a seat front that drops off dramatically which helps to reduce poor circulation. Other chair models may place a small piece of foam on the chair front only, in an effort to help reduce this problem.

Suggestion Look very closely at the chair frame with respect to the mesh around it. If there is a thick plastic frame that is visible outside of the mesh, then there is a strong chance that the problems described above will be present. Try avoiding these types of chairs. If you have already purchased a chair with these problems and are looking for relief, then try placing a folded piece of clothing or small piece of foam over the portion of plastic that is causing discomfort. Final Thoughts While there are many positive aspects to mesh office seating, the negative aspects can often be too overwhelming to justify going with a mesh chair over a standard office chair.

It is important to consider many factors in the work environment if mesh is going to be the ideal choice. Who is going to be sitting in the chair? What length of time will the chair be used per day and per sitting session?

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What is the average temperature in the work environment? Is the customer okay with limited colors and designs? We absolutely love it. Very good quality - heavy and solid - for the money. Feet don't completely touch the ground when sitting fully in it i am 5'4" and my husband 5'8" but it is not troublesome as you can keep your feet on the bottom spindles or put a small footrest under the desk. Is this review helpful? September 04, My Ergonimic Chair Your review: I use it for my Home Office. Keep in mind you will pull manually the High Back support to return it to upright position. I highly recommend this chair and will purchase another for my second room.

Very comfortable and relaxing especially with the adjustable head rest included. This chair met my needs and I am very happy being a picky person.

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