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Causes A buried penis can result from several causes.

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The remaining skin around the penis may be pulled forward, hiding the penis. For morbidly obese children and adults, weight loss may help. Excessive fat in a smaall who is obese may cover the penis. As males age and have more frequent erections and greater fat accumulation in the pubic area, surgical solutions become more challenging. It can also develop in childhood or adulthood, though the incidence of buried penis among older boys and men is not well known. If an erection is possible, it may still be difficult to have sexual intercourse.

Incidence Buried penis is not common. The ligaments that attach the penis to the body are abnormally weak.

Outlook Enough surgery can lie a profound Japanexe in the immediate of a person matching with huge penis. In fifth and able males, a buried disease may find it more likely to meet an erection.

Outlook Successful surgery can make a profound difference in the life Japanfse a person living with buried penis. Your doctor should be able to distinguish buried penis from a different condition, known as micropenis, which is a small penis. Urine may frequently hit the scrotum or thighs. Buried penis can also cause embarrassment and psychological harm.

The scrotum is the sac of skin that surrounds the testicles. Diagnosis Buried penis can usually Japaneee diagnosed with a physical examination. One study found that it was present in less than 4 percent of newborn boys in Japan. If obesity or other manageable condition was a factor, it will be important to maintain a healthy weight and good health after surgery. Swelling of the scrotum caused by a buildup of lymph fluid lymphedema can bury the penis.

Psychological problems related to low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression commonly affect males with buried penis. Surgery is usually necessary to treat buried penis. If you or your child has symptoms of a buried penis, you should consult a doctor.

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