How did the robin get a red breast legend

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Legend Of Robin

Robin Gas The Tobin is supervised to be a far bird in Cedar mythology and should never be bad. Solely after this, however, the man bad.

Every now and then Jesus raised His suffering eyes to heaven, which grew dimmer with each passing breath, and the little bird suffered along with Him. With immense effort the little bird grabbed the thorn with his beak and, with a sharp pull, managed to extract the thorn. Soon after this, however, the man died. Robin then returned to his nest, but discovered that the plumage on his breast had been stained with blood.

So Robin flew to a pond and tried to wash the blood away, but not only did the stain not go away, it actually became brighter and brighter, of a radiant ruby red colour. In the meantime Jesus was buried, but on the third day He rose again. The Risen One was walking along a country road leading to a house where a group of His disciples had gathered in fear of the future when He realised that a small bird was flying over His head. Yes, it was that same kind-hearted little bird that had extracted the thorn from His head. Jesus recognised him from his particular flutter and by the red stain on his breast.

In this way a new species of birds originated: To ease the pain a little it plucked out a thorn from His head.

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On the thorn was a drop of blood which fell onto the breast of the small bird. That red dic is there to this day. The robin has became one of the most well-known and well-loved of all birds. Robins are always up and about early, though a little later than the blackbird. In the early morning dawn its clear flowing sounds can be easily heard. If you listen very carefully, you can hear them still quietly muttering about how pleased they are with their little red breasts. Robins are solitary birds, living on their own in their own territory outside of the brooding season. Other robins are seen firmly off. Likewise, other small birds which eat the same food, such as the hedge sparrow and wren, are chased away.

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While everyone is fond of the robin, they are extremely legenf when it comes to defending Hiw territory and will fight till blood is drawn, if need be. On a more romantic note, it is one of the few birds which quietly sings its clear flowing song all year round. Another special thing about the robin is that both male and female robins sing. Many of our robins leave in the autumn to fly south. Their counterparts from the far north then take over their territory.

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