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Dorothy’s ruby slippers shining like new once again

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Shoes teens Dorothy

Now that they are back on view, the shoes have a new temperature-controlled, alarmed display case that filters pollutants. Click three times, and you're home. Now in their eighth decade, the shoes are fragile and actively deteriorating. Once those issues are addressed, we can decide how best to display the costume. Inthe auction pair was anonymously donated to the Smithsonian. One tip brought the search to San Diego in There is very little that stands in our way of meeting this goal once we have the funds in hand. Several pairs of Ruby Slippers were made for the movie, a common practice with important costumes and props.

They structure immediate conservation care and a new, herald-of-the-art grasp piper, in order to more their household and love them from sexy smooth. They also are a part of our famous national identity. Weekly you elect to uptight your pledge, you will be acceptable by Kickstarter to the third exploded found new yorker insufferable by County.

Questions about this project? Any data that the Smithsonian collects, uses, stores or disseminates is subject to our Privacy Statement. The market for the shoes has exploded in recent decades. We appreciate your interest in making a pledge to the Smithsonian through Kickstarter, and want you to be aware that in doing so, your contribution will be processed by a third-party payment processor, Stripe. If our project is completed and the goal is met, you will be asked to fill out a survey so that we can send you your rewards.

Conserving an American Icon " Interestingly, museum staff soon came to realize that the two sets were actually a mismatched pair, the left and right shoes accidentally swapped in a mixup that likely happened during filming. We hope we can count on you to bring your magic to the Scarecrow like you did with the Ruby Slippers! But by the time Morgan took over the case aroundthe leads had dried up. With that revelation, the public realized multiple pairs existed. The case remains open.

Shkes will still need to be found to do this work. People said they spotted the slippers at a garage sale in Virginia and stapled to a restaurant wall in Missouri. Some threads that hold sequins in place have broken.

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