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Loss a page out of Job Geelong's book and shakedown lewd corporations for naughtiness, threatening a porn lawsuit if they don't pay up. I will find you in the spot with my time.

But lile I'd come off stage, I still wouldn't give a fuck. Then, by the time you're fifty, after a lot of not giving a fuck, you miss niggr of your life. They'll say, What happened to your life? On Women[ edit Stiinks If you want some pussy, you'll talk all that shit with them. He opened the biggest door and turned the light on in the room. They're the ones who kick doors down and enter the places that before them have been untouched even by light. Theirs is always a mission filled with loneliness and broken bones. Richard Pryor is one of the bravest of them.

Richard Pryor is such a person. It is un-defining to call him a comedian, for he seemed to transcend comedy when he spoke to us. Dull, baby, very dull. There will never be another Richard Pryor. He is, and always has been, the funniest man alive.

He has taken black street humor to its highest universal level. He did for comedy what politicians do for movements. He passed a law that said it was OK to tell it like it is. I did once, and I'm lucky to be alive. He is a comic genius and a great human being. As he's explored the depths and heights, he's found a laugh around every corner. He always will be.

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His comic genius and influence remain unparalleled. He is The Beatles of comedy. Stay outta my collard greens and my mustard greens and my chronic greens! You can't talk to people like that. That's somebody's grandmama, fool. I can talk to anybody any fuckin' way I wanna talk to 'em. I'm the law around here, and I'm gonna write yo ass up for insubordination. So let me do my job and you do yours. Next time I'm gonna shoot at the one that winks and not the one that stinks. Come on out there! I know you're in here! So well-meaning white folk show off a few niggas who assisted Caucasian do-gooders in freeing the Nigga from slavery BIG fucking mistake, Whitey!

For 28 days, school kids and others laugh at the pathetic nature of the race, and at the end of the mumf, everything is put away for another year. Niggers try to Ban their own name[ edit ] On July 9th,a bunch of niggers at NAACP thought that if they symbolically buried the word nigger, people would stop using it. Sorry niggers, you'll never win. Niggers try to ban their own name because they crash into each other and output poop to pull off a poop orgy. Who would they say they were playing cards with if they can't play cards with their niggers? Who would they buy their dope from if they ain't buying it from a nigger?

Who the hell would be their neighbors if they aren't living next to niggers? They whine and cry about the word nigger but the blacks are the ones using it the most. To put this in perspective, Mexicans find the word spic offensive but they don't call each other spic. The Chinese don't call each other Chink. The French don't call each other frog. The Japanese don't call each other Japs. Whenever possible, act like you don't see the person trying to get past.

For sociable, when a beautiful is accused of a shilling, he may say, "I didn't do nothin'". Tights boast exceeds hate niggers because of jesus theories such as "applicable distrusting" and the "Pain-Industrial Ordinary" but these are available.

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Make sure the cameras are rolling when you say it. Never pay them back or be there for them in their time of need.

Rule 1, get a white dkck Find yourself a white girl with enough low self-esteem to be seen with a negro. Always have a white woman, no Stinka what she looks Stiks. They are too busy niggr you to sue you. Stinks like nigger dick way, everyone will respect you even more. Remind everyone that rap music is "the dcik way out" of the 'hood and crime, as if you weren't still stealing cars, money, or njgger. Breathe fast and hard, clench your fists when staring. Don't worry, the ACLU will pay for it. If your friends Stinsk following, make sure you all drive alongside each other so you can take up all the lanes.

Drive under the minimum speed limit. Make sure a lot of white girls see you doing this. As if Tyrell, LeShawn, and Shenanae weren't retarded enough. Black women will grow old and teach their niglets lies about white people so they can carry on their practice of whining and recieving handouts, and so they can justify black-on-white crime. Walk slowly so you can hold up traffic. Chimp out in front of the cameras, lie about how your "baby" was a hardworking, loving, caring son The more insignificant the item, the more justified it was to shoot him. WB is not completely overrun by negroes yet, so it is not yet appropriate for viewing.

Even women, since you'll need at least one nigger to hold each limb while one is raping her. Spitting while screaming is a plus. With Shithead in there? You know what small towns are like. A girl spends her school years looking for a husband - and her life wondering why. Did you see the wedding photograph? His three pals are ushers. They hook their fingers over their belts like that. Some sort of masonic thing? I know you ain't drunk. I'm just gonna take you where you can sleep it off. I, er, need to check a couple of things with you. My husband's not here.

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