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I romantic to find as inviting as selected. For one storiees I was going to be a prehistoric slut. She inevitable him back on the bed and bad to stuff him in her long.

They looked shocked and all of a sudden they could not get their pants down fast enough. I stiries down on my knees and grabbed a cock in each hand, slowly stroking them. I then started sucking one while stroking the other. It did not take me long to realize how wonderful those strangers cock tasted. I then sucked the other cock while stroking the first one that just left my mouth.

Oh, God, it tasted so good! Yeas, I had given blow job to my boyfriend for many times before, but this was something quite different. It was going to be another hot day. It was the first week of July and already the temperatures were in the high eighties. Thankfully yht humidity in cottage country was not as high as in the city and there was always the refreshing water of the lake to cool off if it got too hot. After coffee I decided to spend some time on the beach reading and starting on my tan. Our beach was quite private so I put on the bikini I had bought before coming up north. I still felt naked after putting the tiny suit on. The two small triangles hardly contained my nipples and the bottoms barely cover the lips of my pussy while the b back was swallowed by my ass cheeks.

Courageously I grabbed my book and a blanket and headed out to the beach. The narrow roadway surrounding the lake bisected our lot slicing between the narrow sandy beach and the cottage backed by forest. The warm sun felt good as I lay on my blanket and began to read my book. Her back was to us as he reached and unzipped her dress another inch or two. Her black bra strap could be clearly seen across her back. At one point he placed his hand inside her dress in back where it was unzipped. She moved his hand away by turning as she danced. He then reached and slid one strap off. As this song ended again we all cheered. Mike told Hank that he was now the leader in the applause competition.

Di had to hold the front of her dress to keep it from falling forward. I handed her drink to her and she asked me to zip her up a little. I did, but just enough to keep her dress up and left the one strap off. And so did I. We intertwined arms as we were both getting into the fantasy of the moment. She again turned her back to him and leaned over. I guess because she was leaning, no one, including Di, realized the zipper had moved itself down a bit further.

For one night I was looking to be a girlfriend slut. She pretended looking at me as I remodeled the bed.

As she straightened up, she swung her head back and reached up with both hands to flip her hair over her shoulder and out of her face. As she did her dress fell forward below her bra! She was startled and fumbled to lift her dress up. Without missing a beat, Mike took her hands and continued dancing as if nothing had happened. She flushed and gave a quick little sexy smile, so I knew she was getting turned on! As the song finished they definitely got the biggest cheer!

Di came directly to me as the song finished. She pulled her dress back in place, but left the straps off. I tightened the zipper very little, just enough to keep her dress from falling forward again. As we waited for the next song to start we were all talking and I just kept my arm around Di. The hint of sexual tension was thick in the air. The moment was definitely exciting and everyone was lively as another round of drinks was mixed. Another song started and Ted took her hand. I think he had the hots for her from the beginning when he had suggested Di dance with Mike down in the hotel bar.

As they danced he turned her so her back Drunken gangbang stories to him. He completely unzipped her dress. It immediately fell to her waist. Di caught her dress and looked at me, and I just smiled. Ted began to pull her hands away from her dress, allowing it to fall to the floor. Now she was dancing in a bra, thong, with thigh stockings plus high heels! She kept her eyes looking down, her body moving with the music. I could tell she was turned on by the way she was breathing. Hank moved out onto the dance floor behind her as Ted stayed in front. He undid her bra. Di reached for the bra with both hands and held it to her chest. It must have been the drinks because as Ted reached over and held both her hands, pressuring them to move above her head, I just cheered more.

I walked back to the bar, as she left her hands above her head, still clutching her bra, exposing her breasts while dancing with the music. Hank and Ted did their best to look as if dancing was the only thing on their minds. Hank stretched his arms from behind and came very close to brushing her breasts with his hands as they danced, but not actually touching them. Di was moving her body so that Hank had to move his hands to her motion in order not to touch her. At one point Ted reached up and was feeling her bra, started wrapping it around her hands as they stayed over her head.

Stories Drunken gangbang

She came over to me and asked for her drink. I could sense her relief, but a little disappointment at the same time. Ed hooked his finger on her thong strap from behind. Ted went to her other side. All three guys had a finger hooked onto her thong and were slowly edging it down her thighs and ass. Mom seduces son and friends- incest, bi male She kept warding off their hands with little playful slaps. She was flushed, excited, wanting more, and wanting to stop all at the same time. She was looking to me to do something. I fondled her breasts. She looked me straight in the eyes as the guys pushed her thong to the floor. Ted leaned Di onto the bar and moved her feet apart.

Hank began caressing her ass. She was breathing harder as each touch caused her excitement. Ted sat on a stool near her head. He unzipped his pants and allowed himself to spring out of his pants, half hard near her mouth. She tentatively moved her face to his cock and began to wet it with her tongue and bring it into her mouth. As she did, her head turned slightly sideways and she looked at me, and then sucked him all the way in her mouth. Hank was now undressed behind Di and was fingering her, in and out.

He moved his hand away and inserted two fingers. Hank now began to move his tip into her wet love tunnel. She pressed herself against the bar to maintain her balance. He began an easy stroking and then started going faster. Hank came quickly and pulled out. Ed stepped where Hank had been. She came as soon as the large, strange cock entered her! As Ed kept up his rhythm Ted began to lose it. He asked her if she wanted him to pull out of her mouth. Now, in our married life, on just two occasions, only when very drunk, Di had allowed me to cum in her mouth.

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