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Simmons also serves as a producer. Ever since the film project was first proposed, it came packaged with an unusual idea: MRC has committed not just to making a pilot, but producing a full run of between 10 and 13 episodes, depending on how the scripts and story arcs develop. The Dark Tower show will begin shooting in with plans to premiere it inideally around the time the film becomes available on cable or streaming services. The darkness of the story rivals that of Game of Thrones, so they will require either a cable or streaming platform MRC also makes House of Cards for Netflix, so they have a history already. But MRC is not going to wait for a partner to come aboard before moving forward.

Elba has signed on to appear as older Roland alongside Tom Taylor, 15, who plays Jake Chambers in the film, a boy from present-day New York who harbors a secret, psychic power and is grappling with visions of the tower and the men and other creatures who are trying to reach it. Yes, ironically, the father of Roland is… King Steven. Even back then, Marten was a ruthless manipulator who, in a gambit to destroy young Roland, manuevers the hot-headed boy into prematurely taking his gunslinger trials against instructor Cort Andrus. Roland tells his new friends of his first encounter with such a thing, unspooling a tale about being sent by his father on a mission to the Barony of Mejis, a distant seaside kingdom in the same dimension as his homeland of Gilead.

As a tribute to King on his 69th anniversary in our world, MRC created this map, overlayed with a quote from the book, which was spoken by Cort to a young Roland. The map demarcates the various towns and landmarks within the territory of Mejis: None of these roles, including the young gunslinger, have been cast yet. In addition to the source material in the comics, King could also choose to offer them tips on where to take the story in a future season, since he has been presiding over the film project from afar, weighing in on scripts and story changes. Or, he may sit back and decide to let them run with it on their own.

Click here to read the full article at EW. Homecoming has the chance to revitalize the webslinger's big-screen presence, but the company still needs other hit properties to bolster its film wing. With soggy performance for its Ghostbusters reboot likely to thwart aspirations for an extended franchise, attention turns to what might be the company's next hit series. If the film comes together and is backed by strong marketing, it could launch the company's next billion-dollar film property. With marketable stars Matthew McConaughey and Idris Elba attached in lead roles and a popular book series to draw inspiration and fanfare from, Dark Tower has the potential to be a breakout hit for Sony and pave the way for a successful film franchise.

Stephen King adaptations have generally not been huge box office successes, but The Dark Tower series stands out as especially ripe for presence on the big screen and packs the type of action set pieces, humor and world building that have been features of the most successful superhero films in recent years. On the acting talent side of things, both Elba and McConaughey are in the midst of career upswings, and the film's diverse casting should play to its advantage—as has been the case with recent franchise films including Furious 7 and Suicide Squad. The Dark Tower might also benefit from its release window. Mid-February isn't typically thought of as the ideal time to release a film that's intended to launch a high-profile franchise, but movies are increasingly finding success outside the summer and winter holiday release windows, and recent hits including 50 Shades of Grey and Deadpool have shown that Valentine's Day weekend can be huge for movies.

Outside of its reintroduction of Spider-Man within the same universe as Disney's Marvel movies, Sony appears to be relatively light on obvious blockbuster film properties—even more so now that its distribution rights to the James Bond franchise have expired. Looking at its announced pictures for the near future, the company is reviving the Bad Boys franchise, with sequels planned to launch in andrebooting Jumanji for a summer release, and developing a Barbie movie based on Mattel's iconic doll line. The company was also aiming to revive its Men in Black series by way of crossover with the 21 Jump Street property, in a mash-up dubbed MIB However, recent comments from prospective star Jonah Hill indicate that the project could be scrapped and the two series kept separate.

Other big upcoming films for Sony include adaptations of video games Uncharted and The Last of Us—series that are very popular on PlayStation titles but video game movies have a troubled history at the box office. Click here to read the full article at Newsweek. Stephen King authored eight books in the Dark Tower series over the past three decades, and so turning this into a cohesive feature film posed a herculean challenge. Abrams and Damon Lindelof, but this final iteration kicked off a few years ago when Ron Howard envisioned an ambitious adaptation plan that included three feature films and a television component interspersed between each movie—basically two additional seasons of a limited TV series to fill in the story gaps.

This new image is shared by actor Tom Taylor, who fills the role of Jake Chambers, a young boy who aids Roland in his journey. In this new image, we see the doorway that separates Earth from Mid-World, with Taylor preparing to walk through. Take a closer look at the photo below, along with some high-resolution shots from the film. Traveller, beyond lies Mid-World. Click here to read the full article at Collider. Bateman also serves as executive producer and director. Rather than the familiar skyscrapers and trading floors, Ozark explores capitalism, family dynamics and survival through the eyes of anything-but-ordinary Americans.

The series will premiere worldwide on Netflix in Click here to read the full article at Deadline. Grounded in dark reality, the money-centric present-day story revolves around financial planner Marty Bateman and Wendy Bird Linney and their family's sudden relocation from the suburbs of Chicago to a summer resort community in the Missouri Ozarks. Rather than the familiar skyscrapers and trading floors, Ozark explores capitalism, family dynamics and survival through the eyes of anything but ordinary Americans. Arrested Development grad Bateman will direct, exec produce and star.

The series was created by Dubuque The Judgewho is onboard as writer and exec producer alongside Bateman. Bateman will also direct on the series, following his two big-screen directorial efforts, Bad Words and The Family Fang, in addition to his TV experience behind the camera. We spent a week on the set in Cape Town, South Africa, watching as this genre mash-up of sci-fi, fantasy, horror, Westerns, and old-fashioned mythology came together. The saga spans eight novels so farassorted short stories and comic books, and has played out over three and a half decades.

The new movie picks elements from throughout these writings to assemble a new take on the story of Roland the Gunslinger Idris Elba and his pursuit of the sorcerer known as the Man saingers Black Matthew McConaugheywho intends to collapse the tower and rule the ruins and chaos alongside a swingwrs force known as the Swngers King. Exclusive photos, showing the vast richmonv of Mid-World, the shadowy Dixie Pig hideaway of the demons swinfers infest our world, and the visions of a boy named Jake Chambers Tom Holloway who is either the key to saving the mythic Tower Married swingers in richmond va the instrument of its destruction.

The actor also comments for the first time about race-swapping the Gunslinger, who until now has always been depicted as white. Finally, as an extra treat, King himself weighs in on the film, explains what he asked to change in the script, and provides new insight into how the Tower saga connects to some Married swingers in richmond va his other books, like The Shining, The Stand, and one long-ago short story. For King fans, we also have another sneak peak at a separate new film adaptation: So keep a richmonr, glaring eye out for those. Skull Island, and much, much more. Pick up the issue here or on newsstands Friday. Read the full aricle at EW. After nearly a decade of resting in development, the film adaptation of Stephen King's acclaimed series, The Dark Tower, finally kicked off is production in early April.

Leading this version of the story is Idris Elba as Roland Deschain, a. Richomnd the movie continues filming, the actor posted a teasing message concerning his character's lineage in ricchmond of Father's Day. I am Roland, son of Steven, son of Henry, swinges descendant of Arthur. And I have not swinvers. Marking the holiday in his own special way, Idris Ebla posted the above tweet early today with the quote, "Remember the face of your father," which fans of the Dark Tower books know all richnond well. Aside from being literally interpreted, it can also be understood as making sure one stays true to their beliefs rather than straying from the path.

In addition to the image, Elba also posted a line from Roland about his lineage, from his father Steven all the way back to Arthur, who we'll just say left a royal mark on history. The quotes may swinbers mean much to xwingers Tower readers, but for the fans, this was definitely a fun way for the main star of the upcoming movie to commemorate Father's Day. Of course, while the image is cool, it still doesn't offer much in the way of plot details or other juicy information. This tease just has fans craving an Msrried look at Richmonx Dark Tower even more, whether it's photos of the characters or a trailer.

Maybe swngers is Elba's subtle way of also foreshadowing that something big is coming soon, though the movie is still in the middle of shooting. It might be a vva idea to keep an eye on Idris Elba's account for more teases, potential "first looks," and holiday postings. Although originally believed to be a direct adaptation of the first book iin the Dark Tower series, recent information and teases suggest that the Dark Tower movie is taking some creative liberties with its narrative. Sony's been keeping their lips sealed about the cinematic story, but it appears that the movie will incorporate elements from later installments rather than just that first book, something which Stephen King hinted at last month.

What we know for sure is that just like his literary counterpart, Idris Elba's Roland Deschain will be a frontier warrior who uses pistols instead of vx sword as his weapon of choice. The Gunslinger, locked in a siwngers Married swingers in richmond va against his nemesis, the nefarious Man in Black Matthew McConaugheyas they both travel the realm of Mid-Land in search of the elusive, immensely powerful Dark Tower. King has previously warned fans of the novels to expect significant divergences from the book, saying that it will pick up more in the middle of the story than where it begins in the series of novels, and posting an image to twitter that is not only kind of a huge spoiler, but an indicator that these films are at least somewhat a sequel to the books.

However, the latest tease is aimed directly at book fans. In the books, Roland Deschain is the descendent of Arthur Yes, a version of King Arthur and the last in a long line of formally trained gunslingers. The book revolves around a serial killer in s Chicago who stumbles upon a time traveling device. Appian has held the rights to the book for some time and brought it to MRC several years ago. Danny Boyle was attached to write the pic at one point, but eventually parted ways. Click here to read more at Variety. The story in the novel was about a serial killer who stumbles into a derelict home in Depression Era Chicago. The home opens up to other eras and drives him to hunt down and kill women in these different time periods, leaving behind momentos at the crime scene that do not match the era.

In present day Chicago a young woman is putting together the pieces and find out who his final victim will be to complete his collection. I liked it but felt there was too much of a disconnect between the killer and the female protagonist in the novel to make their eventual meeting have any sense of intimacy or threat. Beukes' other novel Broken Monsters. That I also read. That novel should be the next one in line to be adapted. That had a much fuller World and the connections between characters had that level of intimate to really bring on the sense of urgency some characters felt to stop the killer in that novel. Click here to read more at Twitch. It literally changes everything.

The film starts in media res and much of it takes place in the present day. The Dark Tower is close, now. The Crimson King awaits. Soon Roland will raise the Horn of Eld. Oh, you want to nitpick about how something is different from the books, like Pimli Prentiss showing up so early in the story? And then Roland is shot backwards in time, back to the start of the first book in series, without any memory of having made the journey in the first place. The only difference is that he is now carrying the Horn of Eld, the family heirloom that he had abandoned at the Battle of Jericho Hill years earlier.

The implication is that something has changed. Click here to read the full article at Uproxx. One is excitement, and the other is confusion. On the one hand, fans have been elated that the long-gestating film project is finally moving forward. However, much of the casting news has us scratching our heads. Now, Stephen King himself has dropped a bombshell of a tweet that goes a long way to explaining everything. Roland is caught in an endless loop. From the Tower, he is transported back to the beginning of the story, with no memory of the previous events.

The famous line which opens the first book, "The Man in Black fled across the desert, and the Gunslinger followed," is also the final line of the last book. However, as this walk across the desert begins, Roland is in possession of an artifact called The Horn of Eld. The books tell us previously that, as a young man, at a place called the Battle of Jericho Hill, Roland dropped the horn and left it behind. He needs to blow this horn from atop the Dark Tower in order to truly complete his quest. The words "last time around" could imply that the movies will tell the story of what happens after the books left off, on that last time around.

With this in mind, it at least has the potential of explaining the apparent differences between the books and the movies. Instead, he remembers picking it up, his past has, in some small way, been changed. So maybe what we have here is something of a "butterfly effect. How would those decisions have affected others? Perhaps this will help to explain why most of the Dark Tower casting has included characters like Tirana, and Richard Sayre, while we still have yet to hear a word about Eddie or Odetta. Everything is now fair game.

We may never see what Roland saw on that endless night. The Seven Samurai inspired genre mashup battle of the ka-tet at Calla Bryn Sturgis may never even take place. Are you excited, or slightly terrified, to see the true conclusion of The Dark Tower? Let us know what you think in the comments. A daring narrative stroke might provide just the right injection of new life into a show that had grown stale. That was because there seemed no way that a still-growing romantic drama among the many other things that Scandal is would kill off its male lead.

But by the time you get up to the assassination attempt on House of Cards, there seems to be a very real possibility that Underwood played by Kevin Spacey might die at any moment. Poor Meechum Nathan Darrow lost his life shortly after going on a giddy wall-defacing spree with his beloved President in the White House. Meanwhile, the story of Goodwin Sebastian Arcelusa journalist whose life had been ruined by his dedication to solving the Zoe Barnes case, is just… over: Like Rachel Rachel Brosnahan last season, he outlived his usefulness to the plot, and leaves it without meaningful resolution.

The question is what the show becomes if he succumbs. But even though adherents to House of Cards may have been considering bailing by now, any show this willing to mess with its own fixed ideas is one worth sticking with. Plus, his new office conferred a bit of dignity on even the greatest charlatan who occupied it; House of Cards was too Presidential. With Frank sidelined, though, every player in the assassination storyline, though, from the embittered journalist whose long-ago disaffection has far-reaching consequences to the wife finding her voice to the easily played but not quite meek Vice-President, is deeply interesting as they scramble to figure out what to do next.

Click here to read the full article on Time. The first rule of politics, at least as practiced by a certain kind of savvy campaigner: Give the people what they want. It polled best when it dispelled with the pretense that we dug it for its moral complexity, or even for the Shakespearian grandeur of its story arcs: Beltway aspirants launched to godlike heights and then dashed on the floor. Now, at the dawn of its fourth bid for office, House of Cards leans into the soapy twists with a fresh confidence gleaned, maybe, from the stranger-than-fiction success of Donald Trump.

Claire spends her first few scenes of the new season drifting slowly down staircases or across darkened rooms, the camera caressing her austere, expressive face. The show seems to ask. Viewers know Frank, though we can rarely anticipate the ingenious, dastardly machinations through which his soulnessness will manifest. Claire presents a mystery not only to us, but to herself. With her husband out of the picture literally: What does she want? It leans into its soapy twists with a fresh confidence gleaned, maybe, from the stranger-than-fiction success of Trump.

Claire wants, first off, a congressional district, and getting it will require cooperation from a network of iron-willed, variously motivated women.

Va in richmond Married swingers

The old gang is back, too, because a plot creased this liberally with reversals, upsets, and unlikely alliances needs plenty of history. Around the fourth episode, a huge twist brilliantly reconfigures the chessboard, some characters swirling to fill a leadership void while others shadowbox the past. Lars Mikkelsen reprises his Putin-esque act as a lecherous Russian statesman and wildcard; Meechum and Catherine and a few surprise cameos from prior seasons keep things cooking. The specimen known in Season 3 as Sad Stamper has embraced the dark side, fulfilling his destiny as a silky-voiced menace prone to bursts of unpredictable violence.

Taking his baton of despond: Sad Lucas, who leaves prison as a protected witness only to find himself cleaning rental cars, fending off sexual propositions from co-workers, and ghosting through a desolate, Internet-less apartment in Ohio—the House of Cards version of a puppy walking down a street lined with broken glass. The new episodes—sordid little dopamine bursts, each as gratifying and wrong as a dirty campaign contribution—feature some delicious writing, parceled out in typically sharp one-liners and asides. The second fires back that she thinks his fingerprints are all over a congresswoman. A little later, a character has his handprint drawn onto the wall of the White House, where it replaces a painting of a Confederate flag struck by lightning.

None of this symbolism is remotely subtle, and yet it captures the extent to which, in House of Cards, the personal—the human, the intimate, the bodily—seeps into the political. While Frank occasionally addresses viewers directly, his Richard III—style chats are increasingly phased out in favor of a new surrealist tic: The site is full of people like you using classifieds and looking for casual encounters or friends with benefits. Locally, the listings are updated 4 times an hour. This way you can avoid the scams on fake sites that seem to be more common every day.

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