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It eliminates the need for women to fake their orgasms to soothe partners' egos.

Louis CK has a bit on how men complain about women's "neediness" after sex: This hypothetical group of women who ofgasm this rare reaction to intercourse that ogasm never been recorded in a scientific study is what every other woman is supposed to strive for. Her pussy is on fire because it's gone unfucked completely. Sex-ed classes' focus on reproduction, pregnancy prevention and abstinence gives kids a lot of information about intercourse, but little on disease-and pregnancy-free options like mutual masturbation. No vaginal orgasms have ever been recorded in a lab.

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People need to know how women's bodies work—this is important, big stuff! All videos allow you to see perfect teen cunts in close-up as you never had the chance to see them before. Of course, all women are different, and there are a small number who report that they can orgasm—at least sometimes—via banging alone, and their personal experience should not be discredited. It allows you to see their slits at the point blank range. A skit on how to enhance common sexual scenarios, for example, shows a woman joylessly humping away atop her man.

Closeup Vaginal video orgasm

Their clit is rubbed. Every woman needs to know that she is perfectly normal and videeo somehow broken sexually. And it gives women the freedom to work with the way their bodies actually work—to come as they are, so to speak--so they can start enjoying easy orgasms with a partner.

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