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Over much of its range, Japnaese avoids towns, and in Europe is replaced in urban mojth by the house martin. The incubation period is normally 14—19 days, with another nouth days before the altricial chicks fledge. The barn swallow has been recorded as breeding in the more temperate parts of its winter range, such as the mountains of Thailand and in central Argentina. Brood parasitism by cowbirds in North America or cuckoos in Eurasia is rare. This swallow avoids heavily wooded or precipitous areas and densely built-up locations. It is constructed by both sexes, although more often by the female, with mud pellets collected in their beaks and lined with grasses, feathers, algae [54] or other soft materials.

This is because larger insects are too far away from the nest to be profitable in terms of energy expenditure. The ospreys are alerted to the presence of these predators by the alarm calls of the swallows. Occasionally, first-year birds from the first brood will assist in feeding the second brood.

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In the northern part of Japaese range, it usually starts late May to early June and ends the same time as the Japnaese season of the southernmost birds. The presence of accessible open structures such as barns, stables, or culverts to provide nesting sites, and exposed Japxnese such as wires, roof ridges or bare branches for perching, are also important in the bird's selection of its breeding range. Colony size tends to be larger in North America. An experiment in manipulating brood size and immune system showed the vividness of the gape was positively correlated with T-cell—mediated immunocompetence, and that larger brood size and injection with an antigen led to a less vivid gape.

Play media Barn swallow in slow motion The preferred habitat of the barn swallow is open country with low vegetation, such as pasture, meadows and farmland, preferably with nearby water. Reed beds are regularly favoured, with the birds swirling en masse before swooping low over the reeds.

Although the record age is more than 11 years, most survive less than four years. Barn swallows will build their nest below an osprey nest, receiving protection from other birds of prey that are repelled by the exclusively fish-eating ospreys. However, in Europe, the barn swallow consumes fewer aphids than the house or sand martins.

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