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Julia Stiles talks Jason Bourne, gun violence and Heath Ledger's legacy

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And it ties into what we were saying with social media before. It's very rare to play a character that has matured alongside the actor, and Nicky has really matured and grown.

She is more bound, more rebellious, more experienced. On gun down in Tokyo He gets the demo meet.

United States American actress Julia Stiles is about to return to the big screen in the latest instalment of the blockbuster Jason Bourne spy franchise, reprising a sx she first played 14 years ago. It's impossible not to take notice, there's so much violence. I think the danger now is to over-share. On gun violence in America She's not just there to take orders any more. On Matt Damon's reputation as a prankster She spoke to the ABC about the nostalgia of returning to the set, gun violence in America, the dangers of social media and the "incredibly sad" death of Heath Ledger.

They just have a job to do, which is refreshing. She is more disillusioned, more rebellious, more dangerous.

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I was flooded with memories from all of the previous films. He gets the stle right. Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger in the iconic poem atile from 10 Things I Hate About You As an actor, you of course hope your work continues to mean something in years to come. And the themes of privacy and how that relates to the [Edward] Snowden issue are also very relevant. This is your life in the Jason Bourne movies It was incredibly nostalgic to be back on set. The female characters in the Bourne films are not defined by or using their sexuality.

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