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Hermione hegmione him into the dining room where nas had set three places at the table. Picking up his drink, he gestured to the table. He's mad for all things Quidditch and a game between the two premier teams of the season at the biggest stadium Hrary the British Isles wouldn't be something I'd want to miss. So I gave Ron the money and what did he do? He instead wasted heemione money tickets to the Chudley game on Sunday between Ballycastle! At least he still bought the Tutshill ticket for Hugo, but not before trying to convince him to go to the Chudley game instead. Despite having known the man since they were eleven, it still astounded him how insensitive and selfish Ron Weasley could be, especially in regards to his family.

He remembered how Hugo and Rose used to idolise their cool Auror father and how his disregard of them eventually made them likewise indifferent to him. He even left his well-paying Auror job to become an equipment manager for his beloved Chudley Cannons, which earned him about a third of what he earned as an Auror and thus was the primary source of their current financial problems. As Harry struggled to come up with something to say, Ron Weasley stumbled into the room, before managing to catch himself.

Ron just scoffed at the dark haired man. Harry shrugged his shoulders as Hermione brought their dinner to the table. After putting up with Ron and his pettiness for so long, he wasn't under any obligation to defend the youngest Weasley son from anything, least of all his own stupidity. Despite their being only three people at the table, it seemed as though there were two different conversations going on. A relaxed and light hearted conversation between Harry and Hermione, which instantly shifted into something more strained as soon as Ron interjected with some comment, usually in an attempt to bring the conversation to the only topic he cared about; Quidditch.

While Harry did love the game, he much preferred to play than to watch, and therefore he didn't want it to spend too much time talking about it, especially when talks about Quidditch with Ron were usually focused around him boasting about how good the Cannons chances were this year or something as equally delusional. They got through dinner and dessert with little more than a few harsh glares from Hermione.

I don't, I statistics it uermione the oldest building you've ever done for me," Abigail said moving closer to Listen. While she got up, Interlude was sleeping her pussy, girl it ready.

Once she had cleaned bas the table she served coffee to the men before returning to her seat to join them. It was there that the topic of the conversation turned to money. You'd think that having a book written by the 'famous' Hermione Granger would be worth something to publishers but no, they want nothing to do with a muggleborn housewife. It certainly doesn't help bermione someone thought that money wasn't important when he Hzrry to quit his well-paying job to become an equipment manager for the bloody Cannons," she finished, glaring at her husband.

There's no way we're going to be able to pay that money back. He almost missed it, but Harry saw from the corner of his eye that the petulant scowl that had adorned Ron's face for most of the night had dropped, and had been replaced by a look of real fear, causing Harry to become a bit worried. These concerns were increased with Hermione's reply to his question. Seeing the furious look on his wife's and friend's faces, he sighed. The red haired man nodded. I figured if I win, I could settle all our debts and make a nice profit," he explained to them. Are you fucking insane," Hermione screamed as her use of swear words demonstrating how angry she really was. After witnessing his departure, Hermione simply dropped back into her chair.

Our debt just keeps going up and up and that bastard doesn't seem to care. As they were snogging, Harry lifted Hermione's feet up off the ground, which she then wrapped around Harry's waist, and he carried her to the bed where, after sitting her down, started to take off her clothes. As Harry was taking off his own clothes, with some help from Hermione, Hermione started to get concerned and scared. I mean think about it, you just broke up with Lavender and I just broke up with Ron, don't you think we're rushing things a bit?

So I won't force you to have sex, withh can't we at least sleep together and see if 'us' is what is meant to be? I want to sleep with you. I want to have sex with you, but can't we take it slow? Hermilne that way we don't jeopardize our relationship? You know how bad I am at comforting girls when they cry," Harry said stopping Hermione from leaving. Also, they had discussed the possibilities of being caught by the ghosts, and they hermioje no reason for a ghost to drift through the library, even Peeves who always witn to turn up in the worst situations, would not go into the library himself, there was not much fun going on in there for his taste, especially at this time…well, unless you were Harry and Hermione.

Hermione pushed the door open with her free hand; it creaked and fell aside. Harry used his heel to shut it as they walked in side by side, not caring too much for the echoing slam that rung down the vacant third floor corridor they left behind. The library was dark Hary completely empty. Some eex were still piled on the many tables that stretched across the room, the bookshelves all stood like long alleyways with walls made of pages. They sneaked into the middle of the room, the Hrry sounds coming from their quick breathing and the pelting of snow on the library windows.

They both looked around cautiously, and then locked eyes with each other when they concluded they were hae only two people aith the library. The tall library windows each gave a beam of moonlight as they were slapped with heavy white snow. Hermione took out the phial with green liquid and drunk it like a shot of alcohol, Harry did the same with the blue concoction she had made for him. It tasted like an awful dry powder; despite how wet it appeared inside the phial. But instantly, he felt the heat of his dick increase and the solidness of it intensify. Then without further heisitation and no words, Harry fell into her and pressed his mouth against hers.

Hermione fell back onto the desk that was stacked with study books and lit with a line of bright moonlight, her tongue and Harry's entwining. She put both of her hands on the back of Harry's head, her fingers running into his messy black hair, as she pulled him closer. Harry tore his mouth from hers to catch a breath after a couple of minutes of pure snogging, a thick string of saliva bending from his and Hermione's lips and lining in between her concealed breasts in a sparkly silver gleam. They continued to stare at each other; Harry could feel the cool air brushing against his ankles.

He was a little too big for the invisibility cloak now. But they had to wear it, there was no point taking any risks, even if it was two in the morning, quarter past two at most. That sensual look Hermione gave Harry with those beautiful brown eyes was irresistible. Catching his breath, Harry let one hand feel up her warm thigh under her skirt. They locked lips again and Harry pushed down into her so that she lay fully flat on the library desk with only her legs hanging off it. Harry's other free hand found its way to her right breast.

It was a perfect ass and he couldn't wait to fuck it. His hand laid against her right cheek and she noticed. She sucked harder to approve of it. As she bobbed, Harry pushed her head down with his other hand so she would deep throat. She did it willingly and it made him moan louder. He squeezed her ass cheek and spanked it. Hermione took out his dick and smiled evilly. Spanking me, are you? Harry moved her panties down a little bit so he could have access to her wet cunt, which was actually dripping. He placed another hand on her ass and spanked her again. She groaned and began stroking his cock. Spreading her pussy lips, he inserted his tongue inside her, making her moan.

As she sucked his entire cock, Harry licked her faster, even touching her asshole with one finger. This made her go crazy. I desperately want you to fuck my ass soon! The intense pleasure for Harry was enough to make him come, so he announced it to Hermione, who took out his cock. While she got up, Harry was licking her asshole, getting it ready. She couldn't take the pleasure, but added to it by grasping her tits and pinching her nipples. Her eyes were closed and Harry held her sides and ate her. After a few more spanks, he laid down, lifted her legs and removed her panties, allowing him to see her fully naked. Hermione positioned herself like a dog and turned her head.

He positioned himself behind her teased her asshole. After being teased enough, she demanded that he inserted it inside her. She held the sides of her ass cheeks and slid it in, making her groan loudly. He moved her legs into a better position and moved it more inside her.

Hermione Harry has sex with

Hermione laid her head down onto a pillow and waited for the intensity. When his cock was in fully, he slid it out quickly and thrusted in again. His escort, or teacher — he wasn't yet sure what to call her — waved her wand at the partition and whispered a spell. A moment later he could no longer hear the others. The silence was so deep that he thought he could almost hear his own heart beat. You also need at least a good privacy charm as well. The silence charm will not allow sound to pass through the charmed object, but it can still travel above or around it.

The privacy shield takes care of that. It also acts like a kind of 'notice-me-not' charm, helping you evade attention. The silence seemed to deepen. Harry thought he could now hear the blood rushing through his veins. It was a bit unsettling. The girl now spent a few minutes teaching Harry both charms and exercising casting them, until she was satisfied with his performance. You're much smarter and a quick learner, not at all the way he talks about you. If anything, he thought she sounded amused. It's up to you to keep our privacy from now on. The girl waved her hand at him, beckoning him to cast his own charms. A moment later, the silence seemed to become even deeper. He noticed a fleeting appreciative look on her face, but she turned 'all business' as soon as he turned back to her.

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