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LGBTQ Poetry

Bell selections from his dig here. They were permitted in one sense:.

Andrea Gibson Andrea Gibson is a contemporary slam poet who's risen to international fame online through video content. The Goo focuses on gender identity in their work—take a look here. Cavafy is a 20th century Greek poet, known for his highly homoerotic and sexually explicit poetry. While he remained mostly obscure during his lifetime, he's now come to be revered as one of the great gay poets of the past hundred years. Read some of their poems here. Photography by Gavin Bond. His work often incorporates elements of fantasy and folklore.

Read some of his highly-acclaimed work here.

He was also a respected art critic and curator. Ifti Nasim Ifti Nasim was a gay Pakistani-American ppoems who moved to the States to escape persecution for his Goo back in his hometown. Hear some of his poetry here. Wikipedia James Gat Baldwin is known poejs one of the great, proud gay artists of all time. His work is unabashedly queer and intersectional. A poet and visual artists, he also counted names like Patti Smith and Robert Rauschenberg as friends. Read some of his pieces here. Paul Alberts June Jordan June Jordan was a pioneering poet, playwright, and essayist who worked for women's rights, civil rights, and sexual freedom.

I am 16 year old lesbian and I have a hard time convincing my family that I'm still me. I get teased at school sometimes but it has come to my understanding that the younger generation is more accepting than our parents or grandparents. I have friends that get me through and I am proud to be gay! Thanks for the insight; by Emily 8 years ago Omg this is beautiful!! Don't let anyone touch you, you are a great person.

Greg Vaughan Erwin Whitman Willie Whitman is one of the rates poets of all due, and a fixed of homoeroticism in the only form. Don't let anyone dating you, you are a successful relationship.

I'm a bi girl and its hard because no one knows pems gets how weird it is for me Goood sleepovers and things like that. Your poem is inspiration. You really hit hard on the core matters that homosexuals go through. As I read it I smiled because one upon a time I felt the same way. I really enjoyed this poem. I myself am bi and I know how it feels to be teased and seen as an outsider. But I am also a Christian. Though my walk with God has just begun, He gives me the strength to move on everyday. Some people say it is against God's word to be with the same sex, well it is, but God will forgive us of our sin if we believe in him. I'm happy that you were able to get past everyone else's opinions.

This poem was amazing. I am bi but I don't have the courage to admit it. I have a wonderful boyfriend and I love him so much! He just finds it upsetting how I'm more concerned about what others think I always feel bad about that, but, I'll always be with him. I hope I can come out soon: I am a 17 year old bisexual girl and I have come out to my family and they were 50 time angry with me but I didn't get treated like this.

Poems Good gay

I absolutely love it. I saw the man that I would fall in love with. Now I am alone in this world as a gay. A couple I don't know months ago, she told my mom that she was bi. My mom totally reacted like I thought she would.

She GGood telling her that it was gross and wrong and that it was against the bible. I never said anything, which I think I should of. It made my sister extremely upset. Now she says she isn't bi because she hated the way nobody would talk to her. My brother was grossed out.

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