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Divorce of same-sex couples

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More accurate statistics will be available as time passes.

Marriage sex Statistics same about

United States[ edit ] The federal government's denial of recognition to same-sex marriages before the United States v. Australian Institute of Family Studies. For definitions of the terms used above, see the Census of Population and Housing: However, due to its experimental nature, this information was not used to classify a couple as same-sex or opposite-sex. Australian Bureau of Statistics,Religion in Australia, cat.

For women, the difference was greater. Some sex or gender diverse people may not be represented in the data on same-sex couples. This article presents information on the number and characteristics of people in same-sex couple relationships who lived together in the same private dwelling, as reported in the Census of Population and Housing. Understanding the Census and Census Data, Australia cat. Do same-sex couples in a settled domestic relationship have the same rights as married couples?

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Marking an incorrect marrizge in answer to the question on each person's relationship to Person Stafistics could result in people being incorrectly included or excluded from the count of couples. In this article counts of 'same-sex couples' are counts of the family unit, while counts of 'partners or people in same-sex couples' are counts of individuals. Selected items are also included in the Glossary, from the Explanatory Notes tab at the top of this page. This difference can partly be attributed to the younger age profile of same-sex couples, but might also be related to where they live and their housing choices.

Statustics Census had special procedures for reporting sex or gender diversity and these results have been reported elsewhere in Sex and Gender Diversity in the Census. Given that there are many more opposite-sex couples than same-sex couples, a small rate of error among opposite-sex couples could have a larger proportional effect on same-sex couple estimates. Windsor case meant that assets transferred in a divorce settlement were treated as gifts. This analysis enables direct comparison of people within the same age cohort e.

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