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Facts about Chickenpox for Adults

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Other symptoms You might get symptoms before or after the spots, addults Chickenpox is usually afults worse in adults. It's possible to get chickenpox more than once, although it's unusual. If you're not sure it's chickenpox Things Chickempox can do yourself Important You'll need to stay away from school, nursery or work until all the spots have crusted over. This is usually 5 days after the spots first appeared. Do drink plenty of fluid try ice lollies if your child isn't drinking Chickenpox adults avoid dehydration take paracetamol to help with pain Chickenpox adults discomfort put socks on your child's hands at night to stop scratching cut your child's nails use cooling creams or gels from your pharmacy speak to your pharmacist about using antihistamine medicine to help itching bathe in cool water and pat the skin dry don't rub dress in loose clothes check with your airline if you're going on holiday — many airlines won't allow you to fly with chickenpox Don't do not use ibuprofen unless advised to do so by your doctor, as it may cause serious skin infections do not give aspirin to children under 16 do not be around pregnant women, newborn babies and people with a weakened immune system, as it can be dangerous for them Speak to a GP if: Adults who are unsure if they had chickenpox as a child should consider being tested to see if they are immune to the disease.

This is particularly important if they are likely to be in contact with children, the main source of infections. Adults who are not immune can be vaccinated against varicella-zoster so that they are protected if they do come into contact with chickenpox sufferers. They will need 2 doses, at least one month apart.

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In certain cases, an injection of Chickebpox medicine called Zoster Immunoglobulin Chicoenpox be given to non-immune people following contact with chickenpox sufferers. This medication contains antibodies to the varicella-zoster virus, and can prevent or modify Chickenpox adults attack of chickenpox when given within 96 hours of exposure, reducing the risk of serious complications. How long am I infectious for? If your child has chickenpox, avoid sponging them down with cool water. This can make your child too cold and may make them shiver.

Stronger treatments Aciclovir is an antiviral medicine that is sometimes given to people with chickenpox. Aciclovir may be prescribed to: It does not cure chickenpox, but it makes the symptoms less severe. If you are taking aciclovir, make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Side effects are rare, but can include nausea and diarrhoea. Immunoglobulin treatment Immunoglobulin is a solution of antibodies that is taken from healthy donors. Varicella-zoster immunoglobulin VZIG contains antibodies to the chickenpox virus. Immunoglobulin treatment is given by injection.

Adults Chickenpox

As the supply of VZIG is limited, it will only be considered if a high-risk person has: Symptoms appear between 10 and 21 days after exposure to the virus. Prevention Vaccination is the best way to protect yourself against chickenpox. Nearly percent adhlts adults will develop protective antibodies against the chickenpox virus after two vaccine doses. Immunity from the vaccine is long-lasting and probably permanent in most people. People who were vaccinated against chickenpox may sometimes develop the disease but it is usually mild, with about 50 or fewer red bumps that rarely grow into blisters.

Who should get chickenpox vaccine? Prevention The chickenpox varicella vaccine is the best way to prevent chickenpox. Experts from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC estimate that the vaccine provides complete protection from the virus for nearly 98 percent of people who receive both of the recommended doses.

When the vaccine doesn't provide complete protection, it Chickenpox adults lessens the severity of the disease. The chickenpox vaccine Chicoenpox is recommended for: In the United States, children receive two doses Chickenoox the varicella sdults — the first between ages 12 and 15 Chickeenpox and the second between ages 4 and 6 years — as part of the routine childhood immunization schedule. The vaccine can be combined with the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, but for some children between the ages of 12 and 23 months, the combination may increase the risk of fever and seizure from the vaccine.

Discuss the pros and cons of combining the vaccines with your child's doctor. Children ages 7 to 12 years who haven't been vaccinated should receive two catch-up doses of the varicella vaccine, given at least three months apart. Children age 13 or older who haven't been vaccinated should also receive two catch-up doses of the vaccine, given at least four weeks apart. Unvaccinated adults who've never had chickenpox but are at high risk of exposure. This includes health care workers, teachers, child care employees, international travelers, military personnel, adults who live with young children and all women of childbearing age.

Adults who've never had chickenpox or been vaccinated usually receive two doses of the vaccine, four to eight weeks apart.

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