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District Court in Southern Fla. Langbehn is being represented by the gay activist group Lambda Legalwhich said the case could determine the way hospitals treat not only gay and lesbian patients, but unmarried heterosexuals and single people who rely on friends. And in Langbehn's case, even though the hospital may have open visitation, gatekeepers can interpret those policies differently.

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Lesbians Denied Visitation Pond had been the stay-at-home Wath for their four adopted rile, one of whom was not with them on vacation because he is living in a facility for disabled adults. The lebians had just eaten lunch while sharijg ship was still in sharkng when Pond collapsed on fild top deck while taking photos of the children, ages 9, 11 and filee Pond was rushed by ambulance to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial and the rest of the family followed in a taxi, arriving at the hospital at 3: Langbehn sharinh also allowed in Pond's room for five minutes to watch a priest give her the last rites, but she said her pleas to let the children see their mother were unsuccessful, even when she provided birth certificates.

Waych providing legal health directives, Langbehn said, "Short of ledbians straight, I don't know what I could have done differently. They also said the hospital's general visitation policy does not discriminate against same-sex couples. There, visitation is restricted because of the nature of the level 1 trauma center -- the only one in Miami Dade County -- where doctors treat gunshot wounds, stabbings and other "horrific injuries," according to Alonso. Same-Sex Couples Struggle "Clearly, we embrace visitors in the health process," he said.

It has nothing to do with religious beliefs or sexual orientation or background. They were there trying to save her partner's life. Relevant theories discuss the adverse effect of social conditions, such as prejudice and stigma, on the lives of affected individuals and groups e. Social theorists have been concerned with the alienation from social structures, norms, and institutions. According to Durkheim, people need moral regulation from society to manage their own needs and aspirations. Anomie, a sense of normlessness, lack of social control, and alienation can lead to suicide because basic social needs are not met.

The minority person is likely to be subject to such conflicts because dominant culture, social structures, and norms do not typically reflect those of the minority group. An example of such a conflict between dominant and minority groups is the lack of social institutions akin to heterosexual marriage offering sanction for family life and intimacy of LGB persons. Social psychological theories provide a rich ground for understanding intergroup relations and the impact of minority position on health. Social identity and self-categorization theories extend psychological understanding of intergroup relations and their impact on the self. These theories posit that the process of categorization e.

Interactions with others are therefore crucial for the development of a sense of self and well-being. Symbolic interaction theories thus suggest that negative regard from others leads to negative self-regard. Similarly, the basic tenet of social evaluation theory is that human beings learn about themselves by comparing themselves with others Pettigrew, Both these theoretical perspectives suggest that negative evaluation by others—such as stereotypes and prejudice directed at minority persons in society—may lead to adverse psychological outcomes. Similarly, Allport described prejudice as a noxious environment for the minority person and suggested that it leads to adverse effects.

Beyond theoretical variations, a unifying concept may emerge from stress theory. Certainly, when the individual is a member of a stigmatized minority group, the disharmony between lesbiasn individual and the dominant culture can be onerous and flie resultant stress significant Allison, ; Clark et al. I discuss other theoretical orientations that help explain Watcch stress below in reviewing specific minority stress processes. American history is rife with narratives recounting the ill effects of prejudice toward members of minority groups and of their struggles to gain freedom and acceptance. There has been increased interest in the minority stress model, for example, as it applies to the social environment of Blacks in the United States and their experience of stress related to racism Allison, ; Clark et al.

Minority Stress Processes in LGB Populations There is no consensus about specific stress processes that affect LGB people, but psychological theory, stress literature, and research on the health of LGB populations provide some ideas for articulating a minority stress model.

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I suggest a distal—proximal distinction because it relies on stress conceptualizations that seem most relevant to minority stress and because of its concern with the impact of external social conditions and structures on individuals. Distal